8 Pointers for New Bloggers

You want to avoid being overloaded as a new blogger.

Being overworked may play an important role between a wonderful blog that only lives in your head and a site with plenty of amazing material that you can proudly point to and say, “I made this.”

As a result, rather than listing numerous tips and tricks, we’ll focus on eight great pieces of straightforward blogging advice.


Let’s get underway!

1. Select a niche where love and money intersect

Select a niche where love and money intersect

To boost your odds of being a successful blogger, pick a popular topic you enjoy writing about that does have healthy competition and a clear route to revenue.

If you have a broad variety of interests, it might be difficult for you to settle on one forwarder.

Here are some queries to allow you to focus your search.

  • Is there a lot of traffic through organic searches on the subject? Not in the subject matter, you write on, but in the information you produce, you want to stand out. So first, make sure there are lots of readers that are interested in the niche. If not, you may forget about generating income from your site in the future.
  • Is there a sense of competition? Find blogs and influencers already writing about your subject to see whether there is a market for it. Competition is beneficial since it indicates a location that is well and prosperous.
  • Does this matter interest you? Picture yourself curled up on the couch with a book on a chilly winter day when you have the whole day to yourself. What does that book cover? If it aligns with your blog’s topic, that’s a great indicator. Pick a subject on that you can write blog entries for 3 – 4 years.
  • Is there a method for making money with your specific topic? How do other blogs in this field generate income? Make sure there is a way to monetise your blog before you start because blogging is labour-intensive.

2. Recognize Your Audience

Recognize Your Audience

Your ability to grasp your audience will influence how effectively your content performs.

You may establish a solid connection with your audience when you comprehend who they are. Use their language to demonstrate your familiarity with and understanding of them.

Any smart content strategy starts with high-quality material that connects with your audience and keeps them on your website.

After all, your piece of content might not be helpful or relevant to readers if you don’t grasp their requirements and goals. They’ll go on to the very next blog.

Determine who your target readers are first. Then look into them. What blogs do they follow? What podcasts do they subscribe to? Learn about their obstacles or objectives, and how your material may assist or address them.

Empathy is essential here, and becoming a part of your audience is one of the finest methods to obtain insight!

3. Select the Most suitable Blogging Platform

Select the Most suitable Blogging Platform

What is the “best” blogging platform? It all depends. Do you blog only for fun? As a hobby? Are you experimenting to see whether this blogging thing will stick? Then explore for free alternatives.

Making an account on Medium.com is one of the greatest free choices. It’s not only free but also extremely straightforward. And there’s no need to generate traffic with over 60 million unique monthly readers! So, first and foremost, begin here.

If you genuinely need a website, WordPress.com provides a free plan. But keep in mind that it’s the equivalent of camping on a friend’s couch vs having your own house.

4. Headlines Are Vital

Headlines Are Vital

There’s a lot of noise out there.

You may spend hours researching and writing an article full of useful information. But nothing occurs if no one reads it. This translates to no organic traffic, page visits, email subscribers, or lives changed.

Writing appealing headlines is one of the first talents you should learn as a blogger. Ones that wave and say to your target audience, “Hey! Look, I wrote this specifically for you, and here’s how you’ll profit from it!”

Headlines should be detailed so that your intended reader understands who your post is for and what it is about.

Make as many headlines as you can. Often, the first ones that spring to mind are “wack.” But if you keep working, you’ll be able to compose one that makes you happy.

5. Create useful content that is optimized for online readers

Create useful content that is optimized for online readers

Writing for web readers entails providing value in an easy-to-digest style.

Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Write in a conversational tone, as if you were speaking with a buddy. Avoid becoming overly formal. Contractions are encouraged here.
  • Make your post as easy to read as possible. That is to say:
    • Use subheadings to assist scanners. People will skim your message to evaluate if it’s worth their time and effort to read.
    • Avoid text barriers. Short, punchy paragraphs are best.
    • Stay away from rambling. Stick to one key concept and make your message only as long as necessary to convey that idea.
  • Insert screenshots and other visuals as needed to break up the content for your reader.

Whenever feasible, including evidence and references to back up your statements adds value and makes your arguments more clear.

6. First edit, then publish

 First edit, then publish

Edit before publishing!

Keep a record of the blunders that plague you as you advance in your writing profession and become a seasoned blogger. For example, my business experience occasionally seeps into my work. I can tire myself reading some of my rough drafts because of the overuse of the passive voice and the stiff, stilted phrasing.

Make a checklist. Try not to recall everything.

Use a simple grammar checker as well. Both Google Docs and Microsoft Word have free spell and grammar checkers built-in. There are no excuses!

7. Consistency is essential


Let’s be real. You choose to blog because you enjoy writing, but we all have days when writing is the last thing on our minds.

Writing might be difficult at times.

A day or two off isn’t a big problem, but it puts your momentum in danger. Days turn into weeks, which turn into months.

To avoid this, don’t write solely when you’re inspired. Make a writing schedule. Maintain consistency.

As a new blogger, you must choose between two options: How frequently will you publish fresh posts? Weekly? Monthly?

Decide how frequently you’ll post and stick to it. Readers require consistency.

8. Consider the Long Term

long term wins

Success in blogging requires patience.

And producing material is both tough and rewarding.

You need to be passionate about your subject to stick with it for the long run. You must genuinely like reading and writing about it, not only for the sake of earning money.

Consider how your material makes people’s lives better in order to stay inspired.

Unless you do, you’ll give up too soon.

It’s now that you may attempt new things and experiment as a new blogger. Your moment has come to speak up.

If your own blog is currently deserted and unread, publishing for a more popular site (with a similar readership) could help you stand out. Consider volunteering to write a series of guest posts on other blogs.

Yes, as soon as you set up your blog, you should install Google Analytics, a tool for gathering statistics. However, don’t focus too much on the figures just yet. That’s what follows next.

Let’s be real here. If you’re just starting out with blogging, you probably won’t be able to make a full-time income right away. For a while, you might not earn any money from blogging. But if you persevere and put in the necessary effort, your chances improve.

There you go

What Blogging Tip Will You Implement First?
Your understanding of what to accomplish will improve after reading a list of blogging tips. But doing something vs reading about it differs greatly.

Plan accordingly. Find your topic and target audience first.

then carefully go through each suggestion on this list one at a time.

Don’t consider all the advice at once. Remember to go forward incrementally.

Your site will get stronger the more of these suggestions you use.

You’ll improve as a content marketer, writer, and blogger.

But be patient and understand that this won’t happen right away. Give it the effort and attention it needs.

Enjoy your blogging adventure above anything else!


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