What does a graphic designer do?

What does a graphic designer do?

Firstly, a Graphic designer is a visual communicator who comes up with concepts using hands or using recommended graphic design software or tools. 

A Graphic designer communicates ideas to give inspiration, provide information, and also capture the attention of consumers through physical and virtual art forms that can be in the form of images, words, or graphics elements. 

What does a graphic designer do?
What does a graphic designer do?

The ultimate goal of a graphic designer is to make the Institution or organization that they work with recognizable and in the public eye. 

However, through the use of texts, images, and other types of media, A designer communicates a particular idea to be used in advertising and promotions. 

Other types of media may include fonts, size, shapes, colors, print design, photography, animation, logos, and billboards.

A Graphic Designer’s Job Description

Graphic Designers can have a range of responsibilities depending on their niche and where they work. But naturally, He/she is expected to meet with clients or colleagues to determine design needs. 

What does a graphic designer do?
A graphic designer

Using design softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and so on, He/she combines images, illustrations, and text to bring an idea to life. He/she may also need to present their ideas and await feedback from colleagues or clients into subsequent drafts.

In most cases a Graphic Designer’s job description may include some of  the following:

  • Choose colors, images, typography, and layout for branding and communication materials, including websites, logos, signs, books, magazine covers, annual reports, advertisements, and social media posts.
  • Produce excerpts or drafts for client review and make revisions based on feedback.
  • Work with other team members, such as marketing, sales, and business operations, throughout the various phases of a project, if needed.
  • Review designs to check for errors before they are printed or published in large scale
  • Study design briefs and determine requirements needed to carry on.
  • Advise clients on strategies to engage target audiences based on experienced gained so far.
  • Coming with the best ways to illustrate and communicate clients’ vision while complying with design best practices.
  • Create designs using vector illustration, photo editing, and layout softwares
  • Be in line with the latest design trends, tools, and technologies.

Where can a graphic designer work? (Companies & Industries)

Where can a graphic designer work

Graphic design is a major part of marketing and branding, which means a Graphic Designer can work with different types of companies. A few companies and industries that hire Graphic Designers include:

  • TV and Video Production Companies: Motion graphic design has increased in popularity, and this has resulted in television and video production companies are looking for Graphic Designers who can create title sequences, adverts, and short video clips.
  • IT and Software Development Institutions: The demand for Graphic Designers is growing very fast as new technology continues to evolve.
  • Advertising Agencies: Advertising agencies need Graphic Designers to work with clients to develop creative materials that meet their needs.
  • Corporate Branding Companies: Cutting across various sectors, there is a strong need for Graphic Designers to enhance or maintain their brand.
  • Manufacturing Companies: This industry is looking for excellent Graphic Designers to design product packaging that will catch the attention of potential customers.

A graphic designer can be a freelancer

A graphic designer could also decide not to work for any particular industry and choose to become a freelancer.

A freelance graphic designer is liable for more than just one graphic design industry or company.

He/she is responsible for every aspect of their business, from sales and marketing to client interaction and invoicing. Being a freelancer calls for serious self-discipline and dedication.

In conclusion, graphic design is a growing field and a lot is yet to be discovered, however, the possibilities are unlimited and it is not going to phase off anytime soon.

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